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Top  Upcoming Smartphones August 2018


Hey friends, today I am going to inform you about the list of smart phones that are to be launched in India next month and also the list of phones that are awaited but will not be launched next month.

According to the previous month report, we are given a list of phones that had to be launched in July but some phones are still not launched.

So in this post, I am going to tell you about all the Smartphone’s that are expected to launch in August.

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So let’s start with the most awaited phone that is

Nokia x6 and it is expected to be launch on the last of August or starting of September.

But you will face a difference in the price range of India and China.

In China, it is expected to launch at a price tag of 13500 rupees but in India its expected price is 19-20,000rupees.

So friends, as you all know that Hwawei had launched its Nova 3i, so will you wait for Nokia x6 or will go for Hwawei Nova 3i.

Our next device is honor play.

Its price in China is approx 21000rupees but recent launches of hwawei phone in India with the same processor comes with a range of 30k-35k. So it is quite difficult to examine the price of honor play.

Comment and share your views for this upcoming device.


Next is Mi 8SE.

I knew many of you are eagerly waiting for this phone. Its expected launch date was July, but now it’s very difficult to predict its launch date in India.

It comes with snapdragon 710 processor so it could be the game changer in the Indian mobile market.

Our next device is Mi A2

which is to be launched on 8 August. It comes with snapdragon 660 processor but price is unrevealed.

According to my idea, it could come with a price tag to 17-18,000 rupees.


Now m going to reveal about the phone which is awaited for past 6 months that is Motorola g6 plus,

it could launch in India by the mid of August and it may come with snapdragon 660 processor.

Our next model is also by Motorola, which is Moto one power.

Here you will get notch display and snapdragon 636 processor in it. Its expected launch date in India is not revealed but it seems difficult to be launched in August.

Next is Lenovo z5.

It’s also an awesome phone. It may be launched at the end of August.

Our last phone is Samsung Galaxy note 9, it may launch next month.

So friends comment and tell me about the phone which you are waiting to be launch in India.

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