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Samsung Galaxy A7(2018) Price, Specification, REVIEW

The best thing about the Samsung galaxy A7 is the bezels. In the age where flagship devices all about edge to edge display and getting the highest screen  to body ratio possible, the A7 might seem a little jarring. The A7 has a 10 percent lower screen-to-body ration than a device like the galaxy S9 Plus, which is one of the reason. Making all those curved edges cost money in the manufacturing process. That does not mean the A7 is ugly- in fact If u can see past the bezels it has a certain elegance even  a premium look and feel. The device has a 2.5D rear toughened plastic acting as the filling. The button are fine but the volume keys may be a bit too far up. All the buttons are on side and the SIM tray is on left side. The biggest grip in this phone is the power key which can also be used to as fingerprint reader.

It works well as a power button, but it is quite narrow, which means using it for authentication or unlocking isn’t as seamless as other Samsung experiences. Yes, you can wake and unlock the phone using your registered finger on the power button, but not 100 percent of the time. Once it in while it will glitch and you need to try again (or even a third time). I guess we have been spoiled by the high accuracy of existing fingerprint reader technology.

On the bottom edge of the device, there is a headphone jack (hooray), a MicroUSB port (not so much hooray), and a single speaker. The audio is clear and loud and doesn’t suffer from distortion at higher levels.


The phone has a 6.0 inch FHD+ Super Amoled Infinity display. It is bright clear and vivid. The colors are rich and as usual with AMOLED the blacks are deep. There is no physical home button , so one screen navigation is the order of the day, something that’s been the Samsung way for quite a while now. The 6.0 inch display offers a screen resolution of 2,220 x1080 which is actually the default resolution for flagship devices like the S9 and Note 9. The display has a 18.59:9 aspect ratio an a 411ppi density.


Talking about its software the run on Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.0. If you familiar with Samsung’s skin and UI looks and responds exactly like a bigger flagship. When I put the Note 9 next to the A7 is hard to tell them apart from UI perspective. Setting menu Samsung icons and theme all are same. One thing missing compared to its bigger siblings is Bixby Voice. While Bixby Home is present (swiping left from the home screen) the voice assistant isn’t included and there is no dedicated Bixby button. I guess Samsung considers Bixby a luxury for flagship owners. The snarky side of me is tempted to say the lack of Bixby voice is another reason to buy the A7 (2018), but I shall resist! The device still has AI functionality, though — you can access Google Assistant by long pressing on the home key.


The phone has the 14nm Exynos 7885 processor. It has an octa core processor with 2.2GHz Coretx-A73 CPU cores and six 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 cores. For gaming there is good news and bad news as well. The 7885 features an Arm Mali-G71 GPU. Unfortunately the G71 can be configured by chipmakers like Samsung to including anything from 1 to 32 shaders cores. The Exynos 8895 the galaxy S8 and note 8 has a G71 GPU with 20 shader codes. The Exynos 7885 has two.

For those who like benchmark numbers, the A7(20180 scored 1524 on Geekbench’s single- core test and 4397 on its multi core test. That puts in into the same ballpark as a galaxy s7 with a snapdragon 820 processor. For AnTuTu, which also test the GPU, the score was 123,302. The AnTuTu scores puts the A7 in the same general area as a flagship device from early 2016


The 3,300mAh battery in the A7 is larger than the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and certainly big enough to give  you all day battery life. According to my testing, you should get at least six hours of screen on time per charge. That the number will increase  if you  mainly do less demanding tasks like watching YouTube  If you enjoy a bit of 3D gaming, then no fear, five hours minimum. Remember, screen brightness can dramatically change the battery life. If you bump up the brightness to max, expect to shave at least an hour off of all those numbers.


The camera on the A7 (2018) is a story of simultaneous brilliance and woeful inadequacy. It is brilliant in that it has three cameras — one for normal photos, one for wide-angle shots, and one for depth information. It is brilliant in that the depth camera adds the ability to alter the depth of field while taking a shot, and afterwards. It is brilliant in that the main camera has a 24MP sensor and an f/1.7 aperture, which is great for low-light.

It is woefully inadequate in that the wide-angle camera is just 8MP. It is inadequate because it lacks OIS It is inadequate because it can only record FHD at 30fps.

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