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Huawei Nova 3i Vs Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 6GB & Mi A2 -Confusion Cleared

Hey friends,

If we wanna buy any smartphone, we have a lot of confusion in choosing the right phone for us, so in this post, I am gonna answer all your questions and clear your doubts..

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So, our here we begins-

  1. In which of the following handset, you could enjoy native video calling- Huawei nova 3i, Asus Zenfone max pro 6 GB variant, or the upcoming mi a2..??
  • You will not get this feature on Huawei nova 3, but you could enjoy direct video calling by dialer on both Asus Zenfone and mi a2.
  1. Is nova 3i durable if compared to mi a2?
  • Mi a2 comes with metal body but nova 3i comes with glass on its back panel, so you need to take extra care of nova 3i and even you will not get gorilla glass protection in nova 3i.

To make it durable you have to apply screen guard and even back cover on nova 3i.

  1. Is nova 3i appropriate to buy??
  • I personally like it but have a little doubt on its camera, so I will be informing you about its camera after testing it.
  1. Which phone is best- mi a2 or Huawei nova 3i and which have the better processor?
  • In both these models, we get fast processor, but mi a2 has a faster GPU than nova 3i.
  1. Among nova 3i and mi a2, which is better in terms of “design, processor and camera in low light conditions”?
  • According to me, mi a2 will work better in low light condition.
  1. Is it beneficial to wait for Mi 8se or go with Huawei nova 3i?
  • According to me, Mi 8se would be a good option only if it launches at a fair price in India but it might go above the price range of 20k.
  1. Is there any other device that could give tough completion to Mi a2 in terms of camera?
  • I think Mi 8se would give a tough competition to mi a2 in terms of camera but price could be higher than Mi a2.
  1. Is it appropriate to go for Zenfone max pro m1 6GB variant or wait for another budget phone?
  • Zenfone max pro m1 “6 GB” variant is a very good option at the price range of 15k. You could also wait for mi 8se but expected price is much higher than Zenfone max pro m1.
  1. Among Mi a2 and Asus Zenfone max pro 6GB variant, which is better in terms of “value for money”?
  • Zenfone is better than Mi a2 in terms of “value for money” but we have to wait till 8 August to actually conclude this concept.
  1. Mi a2 or Lenovo z5?
  • Apart from processor; all the other features are better in Lenovo z5.
  1. Is there any possibility of EIS update in Asus Zenfone max pro 6GB variant?
  • There’s a great chance for up gradation of EIS but let’s see what happens.
  1. “Mi a2 or huawei nova 3i” in terms of “better camera” ?
  • This could only be predicted by testing both the cameras, so you have to wait till launch in India.
  1. Would I get nova 3i in open sale?
  • This is not confirmed yet, but you would get it easily.
  1. Which app do you use for editing..?
  • I use EDIUS for editing.
  1. Which mobile do you use?
  • I am using honor view 10.
  1. What are the tricks to grow up in you tube?
  • There is no such trick, just you have to make videos on trending topics, and also try to do something new.
  1. From where are you?
  • I am from Delhi.
  1. Tell something about vivo v5s??
  • Today, it is inappropriate to buy this phone as it became quite older.
  1. Share the issues with camera on Asus Zenfone max pro?
  • It needs improvement in low light photography; it doesn’t have EIS and slow motion feature.
  1. What about the launch of Motorola one power?
  • It would take some more time to launch in India.
  1. What about the price and launch of nokia x6?
  • It could launch next month with a price range of 19-20k rupees.
  1. Among Redmi note 5 pro and Zenfone max pro 6GB, which is better in terms of “camera”?
  • Both these phone works well with camera.
  1. Best phone under 20k..?
  • You could go for Huawei nova 3i.
  1. Which is better “honor 9n or Asus Zenfone max pro” in terms of “battery”?
  • Asus Zenfone comes with 5000 MAH battery, so it better option in terms of battery.
  1. Will you get gorilla glass in Asus Zenfone max pro?
  • No, you will not get gorilla glass in it.
  1. Honor play or nova 3i?
  • Honor play would be a powerful Smartphone in comparison to nova 3i but price is the main concept.
  1. Do you get GPU turbo in Huawei nova 3i, how would it work with heavy graphic games and is it better to wait for nokia x6?
  • You will get GPU turbo in Huawei nova 3i, and according to me it would work well with heavy graphic games but for the exact result you have to test the phone.
  1. Do you like Huawei and honor phones?
  • I am personally using honor view 10 and I am totally satisfied with them.
  1. Best phone under 9k?

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