This is Asus ROG gaming phone. ROG for those who don’t know the ROG is republic of gamer  division they make gaming stuff now they have built the phone  few month later there razor face phone which was the gaming phone but that was not so famous in the market everyone was expecting the new edition of this phone and after couple of weeks ago we got this the true gaming phone this phone got lots of feature and these feature are related to give you the best gaming feature.

This phone is for those who always complain that all phone are same talking about its hardware. This phone is huge with 9 MLM stick  heavy weight with lots of metals lots of haft  and the color is mostly shine grey sort of titanium grey sometimes rainbow  shine to it and it has also lines on the back which looks like antenna but they are not it has the trapezium camera and flash look and the fingerprint sensor as well and the big ASUS ROG logo in the back coming on the side it got the most unique thing which no phone consist of it that is the heat sink  it is a copper heat spreader and carbon  cooling  pad with more graved line suppose to look very serious most of the users complaints that every phone looks same they all got same notch same display and all but this phone got the different look from all the phone existing in the market the phone got the one USB c type port in the lower section with the headphone jack and it has also two more USB C port in the side of the phone the side port is specially designed to give you the best gaming experience so that the cables are not getting in your way while you are gaming it is ipx5 and ipx7 certified so it is water proof  and splash proof the back of the phone is not so good as it is so wide and the buttons are not so good as they are not clicky while clicking they are sort of mushy now the specs of the phone is top notch as you expect, snapdragon 845 apparently the best according to ASUS 8GB or RAM, 4000mAh battery with fast charging all these thing are great for gaming and the front 6inch 2160 x1080 OLED display with high refresh rate of 60fps and 90fps. The ROG phone got the face unlock and it is fast as the one plus 6 face unlock and it has also fingerprint gesture to swipe down or up the notification panel via the fingerprint sensor.

It also got some alphabetic gesture to jump directly to some specific apps. It has also some AI feature so tell the phone to do some specific feature. The most unique feature of this phone is Air Trigger  button it create two virtual button on the screen to not to block the screen while playing  the games actually it works according to the sensor in the phone. The top of the feature where you squeeze the phone to enter the gaming mode that is the  x mode where it boos the CPU and clear all background running apps and mute the notification and light up the logo the phone comes up with the gaming fan which enables the phone to cool up while playing the games.

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