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Apple watch series 4 : Smart Technology

Iphone watch Series

The apple watch series 4 offers a larger, crisp display that shows more with less bezels, super fast speed and a louder speaker. It adds high and low heart rate detection, fall detection with SOS trigger and an FDA-cleared ECG app for more detailed heart readings. Starting prices are higher than last year. Battery life still won’t last past two days. Watch face options are still very limited in choice and function. It only works with iPhones.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the fastest, most connected and best overall smartwatch around, but its battery life and watch face options often fall short of the competition.

The watch has smooth running interface and tight i-phone- to – watch integration is better than what others smartphones offer. While this new model has a lot of refinement over previous versions , and a pretty great leap forward from older model such as the Apple watch series 1. For those looking for a fitness tracker, however, the S4 has not changed much over the S3 at all.

The 2018 model adds a nice slate of upgrades.

Thinner design, almost no bezel watch faces: Larger 44mm and 40mm display fit into the same general case size that previously held 42 mm and 38 mm ones

Lightning fast speed the series 4 has fast response time for nearly everything that does not  require an online ping is effectively instantaneous. The improvement versus series 2 and earlier models is particularly dramatic.

Fall detection the watch will alert loved one and EMS when you take a serious tumble

Electrocardiogram this feature amps up the watch’s already impressive heart rate monitoring features with a full on, FDA cleared on demand ECG app that will check for heart arrhythmia, via 30 second heart rate samples

GPS battery life on runs is improved a bit

On the other hand, the watch has some downstairs

The series 4 is more expensive starting at $399. Larger size optional cellular connectivity and upgrading to steel case or fancier starps runs cost even higher .

The battery life remains stuck at about a day and a half of two days on a chance less if you are using GPS, cellular or exercise frequently .

No sleep tracking as the watch need to be charged everyday so there is no sleep tracking option. There are third party apps, but nothing Apple offers as part of the core health experience.

No always on display to save battery life the watch face is dark most of the time

Despite a handful of new data-rich watch faces, the apps that use these faces are limited, and deeper customization — including having a watch face store like rivals do — remains MIA on Apple Watch.



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