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Honor 8X VS Realme 2 PRO Comparison

So friends after watching this video you will be able to decide whether you should go for honor 8x or realme 2 pro or none of it.
Today we will review both of the phone and compare it in terms of heating test….battery drain test, camera comparison and etc.I have been using these phone a long time and both of the phones are good and there are something more to tell you.
So lets talk about it’s price
The price of Honor8x base variant is 14999 and it comes with 4GB ram or 64GB internal storage.
The price of Realme 2 pro base variant is 13990 and it comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage
You will get dedicated SD card slot in both phones.
So lets start the comparison with build quality and design
The back side of real me 2 pro got the glass finishing but this is not glass finishing the back side is made up of fiber glass and the side edges are polycarbonate frame
By holding the real me 2 pro in hand you will not find it premium as the honor8x
The honor has done some remarkable job I was not expected that honor can provide the phone at this price of range with this build quality
As you hold the honor 8x in your hand you can feel it as the flagship phone which got the glass on the hatack side and also you will find a strip at the back side which makes this phone unique
So I will say that the design real me 2 pro is also good at its place but in terms of comparison the honor8x is clearly the winner
Now let us talk about the display
The realme 2 pro got the full HD + display of 6.3
And honor 8x got the full HD+display of 6.5
The honor 8x is bigger in height as compare to realme 2 pro
The both phone got the water drop notch and bazels glass but one of the phone’s notch is smaller than the other
The honor 8x got the notification light but not the real me 2
The honor8x got the good display with some punch colors the default color is set on temperature vivid but you can customize it according to your need
The real me 2 pro got the natural color display
The difference between the glasses is that the realme2 pro got the gorilla glass 3 protection but the honor8x does not have the gorilla glass protection
So now we are going to talk about loud speakers
Here the both phone need some improvement in terms of loudspeakers
In honor8x you will feel that it is sounding as if it is whisteling and the background music is not so clear
And the loudness off realme2 pro is good but it got distorted on full volume
If I compare both these phone with the phones of same range so I would say the loudspeaker is week
The output of honor 8x from headphones is average in terms of realme2 pro
Now lets talk about the performance
Both phone are good in terms of performance realme 2 pro got the snapdragon 60 and the honor 8x has kirsin 710
Both phones are good in gaming experience you can play pubg in both phone at high graphics but u will notice frame drop PUBG will give smooth experience at balanced graphics though
I don’t like the ram management of honor 8x in comparison of real me 2 pro
Lets talk about the battery draining and heating test of these phones
So I have started video recording for 10 mnts and and 20 minutes on gaming
When the video was going on the real me 2 pro had 41% battery and he honor 8x had 45% battery
And the temperature was also normal.
There was an declination in battery to 29% in realme 2 pro and 34% declination in honor 8x
You will get 3750mah battery in honor 8x and 3500mAh in real me 2 pro
Let’s talk about the most confusing part that is the camera part of both phone
Bothe phone has the rear dual camera the honor 8x has 20mp F1.8 aperture with 2mp
And the front camera is 16mp with front screen flash
Whereas the honor 8x got the AI camera with special night mode honor 8x camera uses the AI features to capture the images I will show you the picture that has been taken from both phone
The honor 8x front camera is good in compare of real me 2 pro
I like the rear camera of both phones
There is a difference between in colors of both phone the realme 2 pro has the natural colors whereas the honor 8x got the boosted colors
It depend on your choice which one you will like
The special thing about the honor 8x is that it has the night mode which takes some awesome picks in night
If we talk about the video comparison so honor 8x clearly wins because it can capture the super slow motion video that cannot be done by realme 2 pro
You can record 4k video in real me 2 pro and full hd video with honor 8x
Both phone has the superfast face unlock and fingerprint unlock
Let’s go a head on software and user interface
So friend’s honor has done some remarkable job on software that you will forget the stock android
The phone is operating on EMUI you will get smooth experience with android OREO and you will not feel that you are using custome UI
Or if we talk about realme 2 pro this phone is using color OS you will get lots of feature but not same as emui
Those who has not use the color os yet may face some problem while using it as it is completely different operating system than the os running in market
So I think you have come to any decision regarding both phone both phones are good there are some differences between these phones we cannot say the realme 2 pro is not good but in comparison of honor 8x it is not that much good personally I like the honor 8x just because of its premium build and EMUI
So tell me which on you liked and which phone would you like to buy?

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