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Jio GigaFibre Cable REVIEW

Hello friends as you know that I have installed jio gigafibre a while ago so in today’s video we will discuss about my experience with jio giga fibre that how I used it , how often it was bad ,how many times it work properly or how I come to every solution to my problem with jio giga fibre beside this you would have lots of question in your mind regarding jio giga fibre like how can we get this connection , how I get this connection when it will be commercial ,when is jio set up box going to out , when we will get speed 1mbps instead of 100mbps  . whatsoever is your doubt I will clear it tomorrow and many of the viewers or subscribers want me to actual want me to show the demo related to check the actual download speed of the jio giga fibre so let get start it but before starting today’s question is that how much should a person pay if he is getting 500gb data at the speed of 100mbps give your answer at #gizmogyan and subscribe our channel if you have not yet

I will try to make video on jio set up box as soon as possible

Now let talk about jio giga fibre

It is being a month that I am using jio giga fibre and the experience of using jio gig fibre was Impresionante during the use of jio giga fibre it never slowed down the speed was good but i have faced one problem to increase the existing speed and i found a solution as well

Sea this jio router is a dual band router which work on 2.4ghz and 5ghz  frequency

Now at 5ghz frequency you will get the better speed as we get better speed by installing lan cable

But now the problem is that the bandwidth of 5ghz cable is less

And I have not  installed it in center of my house because I wanted to connect it with desktop and lan cable as well

As it is not  being installed in center of my house so the range is not in reach with each corner of my house although I  am getting the 2,4ghz bandwidth but  5ghz range is not in reach of every corner  to solve this problem I am using the tp link router which uses the dual band wifi support  and now I have connected it with my router and now I am getting the 5ghz band coverage in my whole house

It cost me around 1500 now it is not necessary for you to buy this because if you are not using dual band wifi and still you want to increase the range so you can go for  single band repeater  and it won’t cost you much I will provide the link in the description so you can check it

Now we lets upload something and download to check what speed we are getting

Here is my video of around  2.07 GB in file size let upload it on Google drive to see the timing I have also placed a stopwatch

It is showing 3 to 4 minute.. it took 3 minute actually… Google drive does not show the transfer rate speed so now we will download this file to know the speed in per seconds .

Now it took 3 minute to upload the file now we will download this by starting the stopwatch

So friend you can see the transfer speed clearly it is showing 10 Mbps per seconds so we are getting around it

So here the file has been downloaded in 3minutes

So I have told you my experience and showed the downloading speed as well

So you must have some doubt which needs to be clearify

So the biggest question is that how one can get this service

So jio giga fibre has not been commercial yet

But the work on its wirring and its setup is going on for long time

One can easily get this sevice wherever they done with their wirring but the problem is that no one get the information regarding their wire setups

You have to check it manually

As they will start their service you will come to know as they advertise it by distributing the pamphlet this is how I also come to know

The second question  is how much is to pay to get this service so I have told you earlier that you have to pay 4500 to get this service

Now many of you might be thinking that 4500 is quite high to pay but let me tell you it is one time deposite and till then this connection become commercial no one has to pay

Now the third question  how much data they are providing

On jio site they are claiming 1000gb and I told you 1100gb per month which has created confusion

So let me clear you that you will get 100gb of data along with 25 GB data booster.

Which means 40×25 = 1000

After consuming 100gb data you can get 40gb

4th confusion I have gone through many of the comments and and some of them are comparing the jio giga fibre with  jio sim and saying that the speed will get down as the no of user increases

So nothing is like it is an fibre cable which will directly connect to your computer  and you will get the constant speed even in increase in no of use so don’t compare it with 4g sim

5th question why not 1gbps speed when it is named as giga fibre

It is not commercial yet you will get 1gbps speed after it will become commercial and you have to pay monthly charges according to it

6th question you have registered it online and did not get the call

So you will not be ringed as this is only registration process to collect data in order to see the area response from where they are getting the higher traffic so they  can work on it

7th question when jio stop box is going to out and how it will look

So jio’s set up box will connect to the wifi to this router

You will get good new soon jio has done partnership with hathway and den network in order to cover the area.

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