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10 Interesting Facts About Smartphones


Hey friends, today I am going to tell you 10 amazing facts about mobile phones..

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01-Have you ever used NOKIA 1100??


Most of the people might have used it sometime. Do you know nokia 1100 is the only best selling gadget that time which sold more than 250million pieces.

Now, do you feel that NOKIA would come with the same bang?? Write your reviews in comment.

02- Now let’s move to our next fact.

Today we all use mobile phones, we would easily get a feature phone for at least 300 rupees, but do you have any idea what was the price of first feature phone??

The first phone was sold in US in 1983 by Motorola in 4000$

Which is approx 2lakh 75000

Did you know that??

03-friends, is your phone waterproof? Not mine

In India, there are very limited waterproof phones.

But do you know, in Japan, 90% of the phones are waterproof.

04-friends, Samsung is a very large company, but maybe you don’t know that apple plays a vital role in the earning of Samsung.

Samsung is the competitor of apple.

Actually Samsung provides a variety of parts to apple like flash memory chips, draw chips, or oled display which lets to a huge profit to Samsung.

05- How many of you read the message just after receiving it?

Do you know, in the earlier time 90%of the messages were seen before 3 minutes of receiving it, but I don’t think today we have the same situation.

06-in these days, most of the people take mobile phones with them in toilet,

but have it been ever fallen in the toilet.

Share you experience in the comment section.

In Britain, every year aprrox 1lakh phones have been fallen in toilets.

Have you ever think of it??

07- Hey, do you know apple sold 340,000 phones per day in 2012.

08-our 8th fact is based on application. Many android and ios user download many different applications, But do you know 65% user do not download a single application in a month.

09-friends, there is a huge difference in apple and android.99% of the mobile malware target android user,

that’s why it is said that phones’ are secure as compared to android.

10-our last fact is based on amoled panel. We all know that Samsung is famous for its ammoled panel and if you are thinking that Samsung had given the first ever amoled panel, than you are wrong. for starting amoled pannel.all the credit goes to NOKIA.

In October 2008 nokia launched its phone (nokia N85)

which had the first amoled display.

To know about more interesting facts stay updated.

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